Welcome to Erickson Farmstead Weddings and Gatherings

We serve couples, looking to celebrate their love fully, with family, and friends all around.
We serve families, looking for a place that feels like home, to celebrate the big and little events that life throws at you.
We serve small businesses and local artists, looking for a place to work, create, and impact their community.

our mission

Erickson Farmstead Weddings & Gatherings, listed on the National Historic Registry, exists to save a local landmark fallen into disrepair. The mission of the Farmstead is to equip families to celebrate life events, support local artists and businesses, provide employment to community-minded people, and restore the 1915 farmstead to its original historic beauty. The process of renovation has begun, with the end goal of accessibility to the Farmstead for every person.

Set in sprawling Minnesota farm land, Erickson Farmstead is an easy drive thirty miles north of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota. Truly a place untouched by time, the Farmstead brings with it a sense of peace, hidden away from time itself. With classic charm and modern magic, your dream event is possible on the Farm.